Spring League – 2019


Gold & Silver Trophies



Next league starts Wednesday March 13, 2019. Fee is $145. (Past league players – $120.00. Use coupon code “LEAGUEISFUN”)

League night runs 8 weeks on Wednesday nights from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm & runs until April 1, 2019

Throw your way to the GOLD or SILVER AXE and secure your place on the Wall of Champions!

• Every league member plays 3 different games against other league players. Points are tallied each night with league standings displayed after each night. Rounds consist of 5 or 10 axe throws – depending on the game being played.

• All points for each round are totaled at the end of the night.

• Players are then divided into two tiers based on cumulative total points. Players move in or out of a division each week based on their week-over-week cumulative points total.

• On the final night, all players in each Division will play “a one night total score” to determine who takes home the Gold, Silver and Bronze Axe.

• Awards will be presented  immediately following the final axe throw!

Winners’ photos and Axe Trophies will be proudly awarded and displayed on the Axe Rising Wall of Fame in the facility.

Sign up today and get in on the competition and meet new friends.