Archery Tag / Hoverball / StickIt / Mobile Axe

4 new and exciting games/ events for 2018. They are new, fun and ready for you!

Pickup on Hoverball & Stickit Target games. Mobile Axe & Archery Tag have 1 staff member with it.


1.) Archery Tag – 12 people at a time can play. All players are armed with a bow and soft blunt point arrows. Similar to laser tag, but a lot more fun, you and your team mates compete against the opposing team. Tag an “enemy” and score points.

2.) Hoverball – is an exciting and ultra-safe way to learn how to shoot archery. Our dynamic target system uses hovering ball targets and is designed for use with our special S.A.F.E. archery bows and foam-tipped arrows. The object of the game is to take a recurve bow and shoot a “marshmallow tipped” arrow to hit a ball “hovering” in mid-air. It is great for ages 6 to 96!

3.) Stickit Target – Great for aspiring archers to learn the basics of target shooting. The Stickit Archery Target is fun for the whole family -everywhere & anywhere. Easy setup and movable should there be a need.